50 Perfiles Curiosos de Twitter

Twitter es una gran red Social, una fuente de informaciones y una forma de seguir aquellas personas que de algunas formas admiramos. En ella podemos encontrar todo tipo de perfiles, desde políticos, apasionados de marketing hasta personajes de dibujos animados…
Aquí os dejo con 50 perfiles verdaderamente “Interesantes”
Por cierto… hay también Dios y Satán y por supuesto Dios tiene más seguidores XD



Vladimir Putin

  • Name Vladimir Putin
  • Location Ленингра́д
  • Bio KGB and some other stuff…
  • Sample Twit “just added @oskarlafontaine remember him, but don’t remember where i met him last time…probably cuba.”

Mao Zedong

  • Name Mao Zedong
  • Location Beijing
  • Bio I’m living in The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Welcome!!!
  • Sample Twit “30 more days to go before The Games. The whole nation is going crazy. I love chaos!!!”

Osama bin Laden

  • Name Osama bin Laden
  • Location Afghanistan
  • Bio Leader, al-Qaeda
  • Sample Twit “Door-tag from UPS Ground says hazardous materials can’t be delivered — curse the infidels! Off to UPS depot…”

Kim Jongil

  • Name KimJongil
  • Location Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Bio i like bugs bunny and cognac
  • Sample Twit “Off the terrorist list for the second time. w00t!”

George Bush

  • Name George W. Bush
  • Sample Twit “i can write boobies on a calculator!”

Dick Cheney

  • Name Dick Cheney
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Bio Vice President of the United States of America. Hobbies include listening to Toby Keith, shooting stuff, and maintaining a heart healthy diet.
  • Sample Twit “Won a baboon on eBay. Condition as-is, but I’m going to use the little guy for parts anyway. Never know when the ticker might blow a valve.”

David Letterman

  • Name David Letterman
  • Location New York City
  • Bio Hi, my name is Dave and I’m running for president.
  • Sample Twit “Just got back from seeing Regis at the hospital. We compared scars. Pretty similar, of course..I had the quintuple bypass so I win.”

Albert Einstein

  • Name Albert Einstein
  • Location Beyond
  • Bio Looks like we got a regular Albert Einstein on our hands here.
  • Sample Twit “When you kiss a pretty girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”

David Hasselhoff

  • Name David Hasselhoff
  • Location Hollywood, California
  • Bio Star of stage, screen, and song. You love me.
  • Sample Twit “Deciding which leather jacket to wear”



  • Name MacGyver
  • Location Mission City
  • Bio Call me Mac….but don’t ask me about my first name!
  • Sample Twit “I want to blow something up! It’s a boring weekend. Give me some hair spray and a lighter!!!!”


  • Name Fry
  • Sample Twit “Wow, Bender started snoring like a construction robot, not just a bending robot. This sucks.”
  • Bender

    • Name Bender
    • Bio Follow me, jerk! I may not be the real Bender, but that doesn’t mean I’m not great!
    • Sample Twit “Man, this economy IS getting rough; the Floozie Bots aren’t raking in nearly as much cash. I might have to switch to Duff!”

    Homer Simpson

    • Name Homer J Simpson
    • Location Springfield
    • Bio I work at a nuclear power plant. Married with two kids and a baby.
    • Sample Twit “Homer got a donut :) Homer not angry anymore.”

    Lisa Simpson

    • Name Lisa Simpson
    • Location Springfield
    • Bio The smart daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson. Maybe I was adopted?
    • Sample Twit “I’m glad Mom named me instead of Homer who wanted to name me Bartzina!”

    Ralph Wiggum

    • Name Ralph Wiggum
    • Location Springfield, USA
    • Bio My cat’s breath smells like cat food.
    • Sample Twit “I ate too much plastic candy.”

    Peter Griffin

    • Name Peter Grffin
    • Location My house?
    • Bio if i had job i would not know it
    • Sample Twit “alright, should be going to sleep, we got some bad stuff coming out at night, don’t wanna see them”

    Stewie Griffin

    • Name Stewie Griffin
    • Location Quahog
    • Bio I am Stewie Griffin, YOU WILL BOW TO ME!
    • Sample Twit “Aha! So they do make bigger diapers! That deceitful woman told me I’d have to learn to use the toilet!”


    • Name Sawyer
    • Sample Twit “Checking out Kate’s ass”



    • Name Chewbacca
    • Location Rome, Italy
    • Bio hnnnhrrhhh awwgggghhh wrrhwrwwhw!
    • Sample Twit “AAAAAaaaahurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnn! WWHheeerrrrRRRRrrrrn”

    Han Solo

    • Name Han Solo
    • Location Free space.
    • Bio Don’t get cocky.
    • Sample Twit “Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, carbonite kinda restricts the typing fingers. 200 followers! I got more while frozen than I did thawed!”

    Luke Skywalker

    • Name Luke Skywalker
    • Location Yavin 4
    • Bio Jedi Master. Husband. Father.
    • Sample Twit “Solo wants to chat. I’ll bet Leia’s been giving him jip again.”

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    • Name Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Location Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    • Bio Life is stress.
    • Sample Twit “Anakin botched his waffles. Said, “They’re a bit on the dark side.” Ahahaha. Haha. Ha. No, I didn’t think it was funny, either.”

    Princess Leia

    • Name @-_-@ Princess Leia
    • Location Aldera City, Alderaan
    • Bio @-_-@ Teenage rebel. Interested in hair maintainance and *really* fabulous up-dos. Solo heiress of the Alderaan Organas (daahling).
    • Sample Twit “@-_-@ This is like my most desperate hour, evah. Help me de-Nerf my updo R2, you’re my only hope.”


    • Name C3PO
    • Location Some dusty hell hole.
    • Bio Hello, I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. How might I serve you?
    • Sample Twit “Trying to loose this stupid little droid that just beeps and whistles. Figured I would try stairs seeing as he doesnt have any legs.”


    • Name bob
    • Location refueling in Wellington, NZ
    • Bio put captain solo in the cargo hold
    • Sample Twit “Just as I thought, Google Tatooine is somewhat lacking in detail. Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold!”

    Darth Vader

    • Name Darth Vader
    • Location Empire, CO
    • Bio Evil Orphan Annie™
    • Sample Twit “Heard through the Imperial grape vine that Dick Cheney is going as me for Halloween. Funny ’cause I’m planning on going as him.”

    Darth Sidious

    • Name Darth Sidious
    • Location Coruscant
    • Bio Dark Lord of the Sith. Tyrant of the galaxy. Sometimes I feel misunderstood.
    • Sample Twit “Dark Lord is back. Now to decide which of the ninkinpoops to choke. As an aside, it sure is hard to type properly with these long nails.”

    The Emperor

    • Name The Emperor
    • Location Coruscant
    • Bio Sith Master. Ruler of the Galactic Empire.
    • Sample Twit “A note for would-be emperor McCain: Do not trust your young apprentice.”

    Admiral Akbar

    • Name Admiral Ackbar
    • Bio Mon Calamari. Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet.
    • Sample Twit “Just received transmission from an old friend. I can get a free Y-wing if I signup for a few free trials and get six friends to do the same.”


    Lieutenant Worf

    • Name Lieutenant Worf
    • Sample Twit “Washing my hair and getting ready for my date with @DeannaTroi. Brut or Old Spice?”

      Jean-Luc Picard

    • Name Jean-Luc Picard
    • Location USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E
    • Bio Starfleet Captain. Donut Fiend.
    • Sample Twit “Captain’s Log: What is this Stardate revision stuff? Daylight Savings Time doesn’t work in space!”

    Deanna Troi

    • Name Deanna Troi
    • Location U.S.S. Enterprise
    • Bio I’m in ur mind empathing ur thoughtz.
    • Sample Twit “@Will_Riker My mother is coming aboard at our next stop and would like to have dinner with you. Please be punctual. *wink*”

    William Riker

    • Name William Riker
    • Sample Twit “Running a level 3 diagnostic comb of my beard”



    • Name Borat Sagdiyev
    • Location Kazakstan..Very Nice!
    • Bio I make Sexy Time!
    • Sample Twit “Justine..Wow wow wee waa! Sexy Time??”


    • Name Terminator
    • Sample Twit “@Cvalenti Possible response: Yes/No Or What? Go Away GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS Fuck you Fuck You Asshole”

    Indiana Jones

    • Name Indiana Jones
    • Location Around the Globe
    • Bio Archaeologist, Professor of Archaeology at Marshal College, and Obtainer of Rare Antiquities
    • Sample Twit “Saw the new documentary for the first time this weekend at Cannes Film Fest…. I Have to say… I still got it!”

    Deep Though

    • Name Deep Thought
    • Location Earth
    • Bio 42 is the answer. But what is the question?
    • Sample Twit “mmmmmh… maybe 6×7?”

    Marvin the Robot

    • Name Marvin the Robot
    • Sample Twit “here I am, brain the size of the universe”


    • Name Aragorn
    • Bio Still not King
    • Sample Twit “Got a job offer from Sauron. Considering it – Think I would look good on a dragon. Still not King.”

    Frodo Baggins

    • Name Frodo Baggins
    • Location The Shire, MiddleEarth
    • Bio Legendary Hobbit from Middle-earth
    • Sample Twit “We have now departed from Lothlorien after recieving a gift from Lady Galadriel…she wants me ;)


    • Name Sméagol Hobbit
    • Location Subterranean Lake
    • Bio Hello precious
    • Sample Twit “Oh twitter! Me loves me loves! It’ll lead me to my precioussssss!”

    Tony Montana

    • Name Tony_Montana
    • Location Miami, Florida
    • Bio Say Hello To My Little Friend!!
    • Sample Twit “The cops didn’t believe me when I said I was a baker, man. It was flour in my trunk, I’m not lying, man.”


    The United States

    • Name The United States
    • Location US of A. Heard of it?
    • Bio 232 year old warrior-poet.
    • Sample Twit “Yeah, hi. Wal*Mart customer service? Yes, I’d like to return this economy. Receipt? Well, uh, it was a gift.”


    • Name The Earth
    • Location Sol
    • Bio What are all of these apes doing on me?
    • Sample Twit “I feel like I’m taking on a lot more water than I used to… wonder if that has to do with all that gas inside me… where’s the Pepto?”


    • Name Uranus
    • Location Outer Sol
    • Bio Whoever named me is getting a foot up the ass
    • Sample Twit “So you think my name is funny? You suck.”

    Santa Claus

    • Name Santa Claus
    • Location North Pole
    • Bio I LOVE Christmas all year long. And I hope YOU still believe in Santa
    • Sample Twit “My, I have really fallen behind in email. I thought the elves were kidding me when they told me I had 3 months worth of email to read!”


    • Name God
    • Location heaven
    • Bio Hells yeah, it’s me!
    • Sample Twit “Palin follows me. I don’t follow her. She is a good mom, but she is unfit to lead the country. Me as my witness, I am supporting the Dems.”


    • Name Satan
    • Location Hell
    • Bio fallen
    • Sample Twit “a big question on my todo list for today.. making google more evil or helping microsoft buy yahoo!?”


    • Name Batman
    • Location Gotham
    • Bio Dark Knight. Superhero.
    • Sample Twit “Last night’s patrol was quiet. Tonight should be the same. I keep hearing about a guy flying around in red and gold armor. Must investigate.”

    Michael Jackson

    • Name Michael Jackson
    • Sample Twit “Heading off to McDonald’s playland”

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